Needle winding machines

Ingenuity with progress

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With the new generation of needle winders, we can achieve a cycle of 500 rpm.

Our technology

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In our program you will find a suitable machine for your application, from small series machines with one spindle to fully automated two-, four- and six-spindle machines in the high-speed range. 

Scope of application

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  • Stators in the EC area
  • Single tooth winding for internal and external stators
  • Winding wire Ø 0.02 - 1.2 mm
  • Speed ​​up to 500 rpm
  • Automatic loading via transfer system 


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  • Massive basic structure
  • CNC control (Bosch Rexroth MTX)
  • Graphically supported operator guidance
  • Programming via CNC G-code
  • Drive via servo-motor adjustable connecting rod drive
  • Quick-change winding tools
  • Little tool effort
  • Can be integrated into any production line
  • Direct processing of the stators on the workpiece carrier, no handling necessary
  • Swiveling needle CNC controlled 


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  • Connection to the company network possible
  • Record orders via scanner
  • Detection and evaluation of the amount of copper using a scale or the resistance of the stator
  • 1; 2; 4 and 6 spindle
  • remote maintenance
  • Inside and outside wrapping possible at the same time
  • Simulation on the panel
  • Swiveling needle CNC controlled 

GSMaschinenbau GmbH | Nadelwickelmaschine
GSMaschinenbau GmbH | Nadelwickelmaschine
GSMaschinenbau GmbH | Nadelwickelmaschine